Monday, January 4, 2010

The Printing Press

Now that the new year is upon us, feeling eager about Spring is only natural.
At this time of year, depending on where you are in the world, your fashion thoughts will starting swinging towards freshness.
And what better defines Spring freshness than prints? 
From geometrics to florals, one the the key Spring 2010 trends is prints & patterns.

As usual, Diane Von Furstenberg ruled the Spring 2010 prints trend:


This Spring, adding prints will be easy--you're going to be seeing a ton of them in stores soon.
Be careful with mixing prints though, this is an art and not everyone is an artist.  It can be tricky.
If you're a print/pattern virgin, start small.  Mix a flowing, printed blouse with a pair of jeans or under your power suit for the office.


Don't forget the bottoms--you can add your prints in the form of a skirt or a pant.  I love this look from Salvatore Ferragamo.


Another easy way to try the trend is with a printed Spring jacket like the one below from Wunderkind.  You can throw a jacket like this over just about anything in your wardrobe.


Perhaps the best way to wear the trend is in a dress.  Fresh, flirty and fabulous pretty much sums up this trend.



Catherine Malandrino

Marc Jacobs

Christian Cota

Alexander McQueen

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  1. Not usually a print kinda gal but like your selection - especially the Von Furstenberg stuff. Now all I've gotta do is get a decent-paying job or win the lottery. As usual, interesting post.