Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tweets of the Week

Some of FA's favorite Tweets from across the Twitterverse......

Paris Fashion Week~Menswear

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fancy Footwork

Showing today in Paris, the Lanvin Spring 2011 menswear runway images are now posted on for all to see.

I think out of all the designers that have shown so far this season, Lanvin has the BEST assortment of footwear--ridiculously innovative yet wearable.
The cut out shoe has been a big trend this season--just about every designer has done a variation.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Milan Fashion Week: Pipsqueaks & Beefcakes

With Milan Fashion Week all wrapped up, we thought it was VERY necessary to make a list of The Best Beefcakes:

Sure, the guys at Calvin looked bored as hell but check out the abs!  Yowzers! 
As usual, Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana picked some major hotties for their shows....


But, the absolute best Beefcakes graced the Emporio Armani runway:

It's getting hot in here.....


In other fashion news, Donatella Versace opted for Pipsqueaks:

Are we objectifying men?
Is it absolutely necessary?
Of course!

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Bottega Veneta: Spring 2011, Menswear

O.M.G are the only words that come to mind after viewing the gorgeousness of the Bottega Veneta Spring 2011 show, Milan Fashion Week.

You boys are lucky!  In fact, if I were a boy, I would be coveting EVERYTHING in this line because it's simple, modern and totally utilitarian.

Some highlights:

Every man needs a great suit, or two but what most men don't understand is, a suit isn't only for weddings and funerals.
There is nothing like a casual, summer suit--it can be dressed up or down. 
If you buy the right color, fabric and style, you'll have it forever. 

Monochromatic dressing is safe, idiot-proof and will always look chic.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pants. 

There's just something about Khaki that screams Spring.  It's such a great color because it can be worn with just about everything, much like black. 
The cargo short is a must-have for every man--they rarely go out of style.

Some of our favorite pieces:

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Friday, June 18, 2010


Jessica Mauboy (contestant on Australia's version of American Idol) arrives at the BlackBerry Pearl Party at Carriageworks in Sydney, Australia on,  June 17, 2010.

Where do we start?
First of all, she looks like Dana from Barbie & The Rockers--and not in a good way.


Second of all, what the hell do you do at a Blackberry party?  Text eachother?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Alexis Carrington does the Royal Ascot

In the 80's, no other television show had the glitz and glamour (and catfights) that Dynasty had. 

Each week, without fail, my Mom and I would sit down to an hour's worth of couture, sex and outrageous behaviour--it was a dream.

Joan Collins played Alexis Carrington; a rich bitch with a platinum card, an endless supply of hot men and a soft-spot for her ex-husband, Blake. 

Blake was happily married to Krystle Carringtion (played by Linda Evans) who I think was his tenth wife, or something like that.
Anyway, those catfights I mentioned?  There were lot's but the best ones were between Alexis & Krystle--these bitches knew how to throw a punch or two.

It was magical.

Joan Collins, now 77, comes back into the spotlight here and there but not nearly enough.  I wish someone would give her a decent show--she plays the Evil Bitch role better than anyone.

Here she is, showing off her fabulous hat at the even more fabulous Royal Ascot event in England today:

She's still rocking the big, 80's sleeves--love it!

Sher @ FA


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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Coop and The Lemon Sucker

Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper always look so uncomfortable together in public.

So, here's the happy couple walking around Paris today--like this.
They both need a slap--they look like bums.

Actually, even worse than bums; they look like American tourists.

I don't care if you just came from a workout--it is possible to look sporty and stylish...and clean.

I hope the Parisians threw stuff at them.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Tweets of the Week

The Tweets of the Week from some of our favorite Fashion Tweeties.....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

She's Electric

What is it about Electric Blue?
Each time I see someone in this particular shade of blue, I'm immediatealy attracted to their look, no matter what.

And on the Red Carpet?  Forget about it.  The contrast is divine.

Last night, the cast of True Blood dusted off their fangs to walk the Red Carpet in celebration of Season 3--starting June 13th!  (it's about bloody time)

Anna Paquin in a stunnung Proenza Schouler dress....with very simple accessories.

Btw, if you're not watching this show, you're out of your mind.  It's one of the best shows on TV--hop to it.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

The weekly DOA

There are no words for this one.....

Do you even care who this is?
Probably not but endulge us, please.

The name:  Shauna Sands
The Place: My Studio nightclub in Hollywood, June 3, 2010
Profession: Not a stylist


Alexander McQueen Auction: Take 1

Two glorious Alexander McQueen gowns from his Salem Witch Trials-inspired  A/W 2007 RTW collection are going on the auction block at London's Bonham's later this month.

The dresses are expected to fetch approx. $20,000 USD each.

Yes, EACH.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Smarty Pants: Jude Law

Call him a womanizer if you must but here at Fashion Autopsy, we call Jude Law The King of Style.

We love him because he gives good pant.

From skinny jeans, to tuxedo pants to loose-fitting cargos; Jude Law wears a pant better than any man on the planet. 
Take a lesson, boys! 

If anyone needs me, I'll be taking a cold shower.

Sher @ FA

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