Monday, December 27, 2010

A Retailer's Worst Nightmare: The Fail

It happens quite often in luxury retail; the gorgeous but 'out-of-reach for many' handbag quickly becomes a tacky piece of crapola that store's like Neiman Marcus can't even give away.

Mini Sequined Petale Tote, Valentino

However, in this case, 'giving away' is not a term Neiman's is familiar with. 
Even though it's now 33% off the retail price (seriously? this bag should be at least 50% off at this point), it's still $1,507.00
Not only that, this Valentino rose thing has been copied and re-copied for the last two years now.  It's just very tired.

And here's how this bag is described:
Radiant sequins amplify the signature Petale tote—now in a smaller, go-anywhere size.

So, this is the 'smaller, go-anywhere size'?  Holy shit!  Makes you wonder what the price of the 'larger, go some places size' is.

Retail Fail.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sending Chritmas Cards: Victorian's Do It Better

A few days ago, we tweeted just how much we love sending out Christmas cards and hoped that it was a 'trend' that would never die.
More than a few people retweeted and responded in agreement; they, too loved the Christmas Card via Snail Mail thing.  This got us all warm & fuzzy inside!

Did you know that the Victorian's were responsible for creating the world's very first, commercial Christmas card?
Here's a pic of it--created in 1843:

Look at that kid trying to steal a drink of wine!  What a little lush.
But we digress...

These people knew how to make some seriously beautiful, classic cards:

They used to use REAL candles on the tree.  Can we say, 'Yikes'!!
Love their dresses.
Ok, so we don't know if this is a man, a woman or an elf but it's too cute!
And who didn't walk around with a piece of holly stuck in their hat back then?


He's wearing legwarmers!  So progressive.

Don't much care for the look of these two...they kind of look like they're about to launch into some Christmas shenanigans.

This card made a comeback in the late 70's, early 80's.  It's sweet.

It's Vintage Santa!  Checking off the naughty & nice list with names like, Mary, Alice and...Mabel? 

Adorableness! But the bird's look like they don't really give a shit that it's Christmas. Especially that little pudgy one on the right.

So pretty but their dog needs a sweater and some booties.

This year, we opted for the MOMA Christmas cards...they never disappoint.


Saturday, December 4, 2010


Please, don't EVER do this:

(we're on our hands & knees, begging)

Sher @ FA

Scary photo courtesy of

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Conan on Jeggings

Last night on Conan's show, the awesome Tim Gunn was a guest so naturally, the talk quickly turned to fashion.
But who would have thought that Conan would ever say the word 'Jeggings' let alone know what Jeggings actually are....this is hilarious.

The priceless Jeggings dialogue:

O'Brien:   When I see women out here on the lot wearing jeggings, I just do a backflip.

Gunn:        Really?Any women? Any physique?

O'Brien:   Well, let's not go crazy. No.