Saturday, February 22, 2014


Is there anything more ridiculous than Moschino?
Probably not.
But something about Moschino makes me feel 'at home'.  Why?
Because everything they do resembles the 90's and all the tacky opulence that came along with the early part of that decade.


I need to dig out my old 90's Moschino bags & belts.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Current Love Interest

Stella's black dress from her Christmas store party in December

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Handbags...if money were no object

Buying handbags is just one of life's many pleasures.  If I could bottle the feeling I get when I buy a new handbag, I would be able to sell it for big bucks.  It's a high.

The Spring 2013 runways were full of bright, beautiful bags....that will cost you.  Big time.
But a girl has to dream, non?

The Bottega Venetta weave will always and forever be one of my favourites.  This one is adorable - reminds me of Kermit the Frog!
And then comes Prada...always perfection.  This Raffia bag is fresh and fun and oh so retro. 

Looks like pastels are here to stay.  This cute little crossbody from Valentino is perfect for a brunch date or a casual day running errands. 

Fendi had some funkalicious bags this season.  This tote with the studded dice is quirky and chic.

This clutch from Belstaff will go with everything this spring.  Can also be worn as a shoulder bag. 


That yellow is gorgeous, non?  Most of us couldn't pull off head-to-toe yellow but we could certainly pull off a fresh pop of yellow via this clutch.


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fair Isle

Nothing screams winter like the Fair Isle pattern. 

Sometimes cheesy....

How great is this picture?  So fromage

Sometimes luxurious....
But always fun.....
ASOS sweater

Michelle Williams in Rag & Bone sweater
The McCartney Family in their Fair Isle sweaters circa 1970's



Saturday, September 22, 2012

Black Dress Spillage

What's more classic and sophisticated than the Little Black Dress?
We all have one or two or twenty in our closets.  (if you don't, we're no longer friends)

It's hard to fuck up a black dress but I've seen it happen a few times.
Take for instance the amfAR event in Milan Italy today during Milan Fashion Week.
We have examples of how to do it and how not to do it.

Here we have (ridiculously) gorgeous yet a little trashy Nina Senicar in a low back/high-neck variation:

I guess after modeling glittery monokinis and other bad swimwear, girl needs to wash up a bit.
This variation in a black dress is probably the best, ever.  Très sexy.

Then we have how not to wear a black dress, courtesy of Sharon Stone:

Pictured here with Roberto Cavalli (they share the same love of tacky blacky and cosmetic surgery) in what would be a fashion 'Do' if she weren't spilling out of it.
You see, that's the thing about the black dress; you don't need to show too much tit - you're already sexy enough just showing up in a black dress.
Poor thing.  After 100 years in the red carpet business, this is still a mystery to her.

Her face (54 yrs old) is holding up well though, non?  I've always loved her brows - they're very underrated. 
I'm sure she's had a ton of 'work' but she's not too plasticy yet.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Alcoholics, Workaholics,Egomaniacs and Housewives

We've waited long enough and one can only hope that the two-hour season premiere of Mad Men is chock full of Don Draper naughtiness, Peggy under-appreciators, perfect hair and nails....and Gin...lotsa Gin.

Now, I'm no psychic and I hate trying to predict anything but this is what I'm assuming will be happening this season:

The girls will be doing this

The boys will be doing this

Mad Men two-hour season 5 premeire airs tonight!  9 p.m. ET on AMC