Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Windows...From Around The World

Let's start in New York because The Big Apple always keeps that bar held very high when it comes to window displays. 

Bergdorf Goodman (these windows are my favourites--so lavish and dreamy)





Paris, France

Galleries Layfayette

London, England


Harvey Nichols


Carnaby Street

Toronto, Canada

Holt Renfrew

The Hudson Bay Co.

Tokyo, Japan

Wherever you spend your holiday, be safe, eat lot's of goodies and be nice because Santa sees everything.   He won't put those pretty, shiny Louboutins under your tree if you're naughty!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Shoes...And All That Jazz

Brogues (known as Wingtips in the United States) were a big trend in 1989.


1.A durable, comfortable, low-heeled shoe, often having decorative perforations and a wing tip.
2.A coarse, usually untanned leather shoe once worn in Ireland and Scotland.

At the time, I was trying my very best to incorporate these heavy loafers into my preppy/new wave look. It wasn’t easy and my feet are still feeling the pain.
I had this pair of burgundy Wingtips in very tough leather. I forget where I bought them but I know I spent way too much on them.
They were so narrow and refused to stretch. I wore them anyway and lived through the pain as they did look quite amazing. This is what we women do for a good pair of shoes, no matter how bad they kill our feet. We’re all deranged.

Here we are in 2009 and the Wingtip/Brogue/Jazz Shoe/Loafer (whatever you want to call them) has been making a steady comeback since late summer 2009.
I love this trend and hope it sticks around--long live The Female Dandy!!

Heidi Klum (too perfect to be human):
Heidi is tall and skinny so she could look good in a garbage bag.  I love this type of shoe with a cigarette pant. Very Audrey Hepburn.

Whitney Port:
a boring reality star with great footwear.  Not a fan of those old Boyfriend jeans with the two-tone Brogue. It's a bit overkill.
Amber Le Bon:
Yes, that Le Bon. her Dad.  Her Brogues are more feminine because of the heel but the outfit would still work if they were flat because of her legwear--it's an anchor.

Her Madgesty

Emma Watson:
little cutie pie

Sienna Miller:
her shoe choice is more of a Jazz shoe.  The Brogue has a bigger heel. She's one of the worst actresses ever but she does have great style. These type of shoes look great with a short skirt/bare leg.

Kate Moss:
always a Fashion Do, even in penny loafers.  Again, it's all about the cigarette pant, bare ankles.

Not sure who this is but she looks great.  These shoes look better with a bare leg but if you must, opaque hosiery is fabulous, too.

Here's another example of someone attempting to dress these shoes up.  This isn't for the faint of heart as it's hard to pull this look off.  I like this look on her but on someone else? Hmmm...not sure.

Katie Holmes:
I love this look.  It's messy but looks like she thought about it. Katie is really coming into her own (and has made it on my blog 2x!) in terms of style.  She should just do this: dress well.  Clearly, Hollywood isn't working for her and nobody needs to see her sing and dance again.  Oy!

Jessica Biel:
The shoes are a surprise because they contrast well with the casual khakis.  I love that patent leather upper/tan bottom combo of the shoe.


Now, I'll leave you with a Fashion Don't

After she works on changing her choice in men, she should address her style.  Hideous, to say the least. 
It's a shame...she's gorgeous.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Woman In Red

What is it about the colour red?
Does it evoke emotions because it's the colour of Love?  Or is it just so appealing to the eye, one can't look away?  Both are probably true.

All women know, if you want to attract attention, show up to that party in a red dress.  Why?  Because the colour red is also frequently used as a symbol of guilt, sin, anger...and sex.

Be careful with the red dress though because with the wrong cut and the wrong accessories, you can look like a tart.

Here are some Red Dress Do's:

Katie got everything right here. She picked a dess with coverage in all the right areas.  Plus, she threw in some unexpected accessories for contrast.
Love her shoe choice.

Wonder Woman in red.  Can it get any better than this?  She's 58!  And fabulous.  A good trick at pulling off the red dress?  Simplicity.

If you're afraid of Fire Engine Red, go with a darker red--almost a black cherry colour like the one Patricia Clarkson is wearing.  Also, the red, strappless dress is perfect for just about every size and age.  It's the perfect cut for the colour red.

The Don'ts:

Wanna look like a slut?  Wear a red dress showing lot's of skin.

Blake Lively almost got it right.  The fabric is flowing and gorgeous.  The colour is the perfect red.  Her accessories choice is simple and lovely. The problem?  Too much cleavage.  It's over-kill. It's like she's trying to sell us the red dress.  You don't need to sell this colour; it sells itself.

Remove the belt, lower the hemline to just below the knee, turn those clunky pumps into peep-toe pumps and she would be a Fashion Do. Instead, she looks like a hooker. 
Young Hollywood: what do they know?

Be careful when mixing other colours with red. The black print is much too heavy for this dress.  Perhaps without that long sleeve, it would appear lighter and less severe.  Her accessories are boring and predictable.

And speaking of accsessories........

I think one of the biggest questions about the red dress is 'what colour shoes do I wear with it'?

It used to be that wearing red shoes with a red dress was kind of 'Prom' but that's not the case anymore.  The trick is, wear a red, strappy shoe.  This allows more skin to show on the foot so it breaks up all that colour:

Donna Karan = A+

If you're more of a pump girl, go with a d'Orsay shoe.  Gives you the best of both worlds: shows a lot of skin but has more support where it counts on the foot.

Oprah and her d'Orsays.

Other great colours with red:
Black (of course!)  But again, don't pick a pair that are too closed up or clunky--show more skin on the foot.

The First Lady got it right: a simple, black kitten heel with great toe cleavage.

Gold or silver are other fantastic (and chic!) options for a red dress:

Drew Barrymore with her gold footwear and accessories choice are perfect for the softness of the dress.

Personally, I love a neutral shoe with a red dress:

Long live the Queen.

Nia Long: gorgeous and talented.  I wish Hollywood would give her a decent role.  But that's another story.

I can't stand this bitch but she is wearing my favourite Louboutins. The clutch is a stupid decision, though.

Kristen Davis: Red simplicity at it's best.

Red dresses should come with a warning labels.