Saturday, March 5, 2011

Christian Dior: Designer Wanted, Apply Within

No matter how glamorous and magical the life of a famous fashion designer appears to be, we all must remember; you can’t judge a book by its cover. For fashion designers are no more perfect than you and I. In fact, they fuck things up just as much as we do but there is a difference: the repercussion factor is a lot higher for them.

John Galliano knows this first-hand.

For me, his departure is bitter-sweet. He’s disgustingly racist but could design the shit out of a piece of fabric. Sigh.

After looking at the runway images of what will be his last collection for Dior, I’m left with the overwhelming need to purchase a pair of knickerbockers.

How cute are these bloody pants? 

Still, this lovely collection doesn’t make up for his behavior. Let’s face it; he’s over.  And rightly so.

But I’m still kind of annoyed at something. Why did it take this long to ‘out’ him for his disgusting, racist remarks? You’re telling me that these women who filmed him back in October 2010 and the couple who accused him last month were the ONLY witnesses--ever? 
Sorry but talk like that doesn't happen overnight.

(I was going to place that You Tube video of him, spewing hate, on this post but decided against it--the language is just too vile)

The Career of John Galliano, RIP

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