Monday, December 27, 2010

A Retailer's Worst Nightmare: The Fail

It happens quite often in luxury retail; the gorgeous but 'out-of-reach for many' handbag quickly becomes a tacky piece of crapola that store's like Neiman Marcus can't even give away.

Mini Sequined Petale Tote, Valentino

However, in this case, 'giving away' is not a term Neiman's is familiar with. 
Even though it's now 33% off the retail price (seriously? this bag should be at least 50% off at this point), it's still $1,507.00
Not only that, this Valentino rose thing has been copied and re-copied for the last two years now.  It's just very tired.

And here's how this bag is described:
Radiant sequins amplify the signature Petale tote—now in a smaller, go-anywhere size.

So, this is the 'smaller, go-anywhere size'?  Holy shit!  Makes you wonder what the price of the 'larger, go some places size' is.

Retail Fail.

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