Thursday, June 17, 2010

Alexis Carrington does the Royal Ascot

In the 80's, no other television show had the glitz and glamour (and catfights) that Dynasty had. 

Each week, without fail, my Mom and I would sit down to an hour's worth of couture, sex and outrageous behaviour--it was a dream.

Joan Collins played Alexis Carrington; a rich bitch with a platinum card, an endless supply of hot men and a soft-spot for her ex-husband, Blake. 

Blake was happily married to Krystle Carringtion (played by Linda Evans) who I think was his tenth wife, or something like that.
Anyway, those catfights I mentioned?  There were lot's but the best ones were between Alexis & Krystle--these bitches knew how to throw a punch or two.

It was magical.

Joan Collins, now 77, comes back into the spotlight here and there but not nearly enough.  I wish someone would give her a decent show--she plays the Evil Bitch role better than anyone.

Here she is, showing off her fabulous hat at the even more fabulous Royal Ascot event in England today:

She's still rocking the big, 80's sleeves--love it!

Sher @ FA


All photos IMDB, Zimbio, The Guardian respectively

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