Friday, January 15, 2010

The 2009 Golden Globe's Best & Worst

So, the Golden Globes are almost here.  I sometimes tune in and I sometimes don't.  It's not like the GG's are the Oscars.  For the Oscars I never miss.

Since Fashion Autopsy has decided to do some live blogging on Sunday night, let's look back at last year's hits and misses. 

This Hits:

Christina Hendricks looking juicy and gorgeous!  This Mad Men star is hot, hot, hot--even in simple black.

Olivia Wilde in Reema Acra.  The dress is lovely.  The hair looks like ass--she should have styled it instead of just rolling out of bed.

The tattoes are unfortunate but the rest is perfection. She's ridiculous.

I love everything about Mary-Louise Parker.  This Carlos Miele gown is the perfect cut and colour for her.  There was so much black last year, it was refreshing to see cobalt blue.

The Misses:
(there were PLENTY of misses)

Renee Zellweger: a f*cking mess, from head to toe
Designer: Carolina Herrera
Hairstylist: someone out for revenge

Sigourney Weaver: frumpy and boring.  She's been doing this for how many years?  She should know better.
Designer: Donna Karan

JLo: when a bad dress happens to a beautiful woman.  It's a sin, really.
Designer responsible for this gold disaster: Marchesa

Drew Barrymore: hating herself for the colour choice and taking it out on her hair
Designer: Dior 
Hair: Magic Cuts and vodka

Glenn Close: giving up on fashion entirely
Designer: do you really give a sh*t?

We want to see some colour in 2010!

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  1. Okay, no style guru here but that Reema Acra dress looked like some cutesy finch barfed all over it, though do agree about the hair. And Glenn Close, ha - couldn't agree more. And yes, colour in 2010. But please, no more pretty frilly frou-frou wedding cake dresses. They make me wanna puke all over my genuine imitation Jimmy Choos.