Monday, January 25, 2010

GQ's Most Stylish Men In The World, 2010--We Disagree

Well, looks like Johnny Depp is taking this title home.
In the February issue of GQ magazine, they are announcing the most stylish man in the world for 2010 and his name is Johnny Depp.

Here’s the list of guys that Johnny beat out:

Robert Pattinson   (whatever)
Andre Benjamin    (He's not on our list but maybe should be?)
Russell Brand        (gross)
Tom Brady            (Who?)
Ryan Gosling         (He's on our list, too! <3 )
Paul Simonon        (Some old rocker dude-we don't care)
L.A Reid               (A $ suit doesn't make you a better person)
Spike Jonze           (We likey but he didn't make the cut for us)
David Byrne           (Finding it hard to care)
Lapo Elkann           (we're researching this guy)
David Beckham      (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
Ichiro Suzuki          (Who?)
Daniel Day-Lewis   (We love him but his track record is bad)
Clint Eastwood       (What?)
Parrell Williams       (He's on our list, too!)
Christiano Ronaldo  (Whatever)
Pete Doherty           (Is it him or the heroin?)
LeBron James          (Who?)
Ed Westwick           (We refuse to acknowledge Gossip Girl)
Brad Pitt                  (We get it, he's good looking. Next!)
Justin Townes Earl   (Who?)
Jude Law                 (Oh yeah, baby! He's on our list!)
Jay-Z                       (He almost made our list)
Anderson Cooper    (He's on our list, too! We <3 him)

Here at Fashion Autopsy, we love our Johnny D. He’s quite charming and does have a certain ‘je ne ce quoi’ style about him.
However, we disagree with this list.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
We’re in love with EVERYTHING about him.

If you’ve seen (500) Days of Summer, you’re probably in love with him, too.
To our surprise, this little cutie pie not only can act, he can dress which makes us all swoon and want to undress him. How could GQ leave him off their list?

We're a bit pissed off so we compiled our own list of the most stylish men around—hope you agree! And if you don't, that's just part of the fun, isn't it?

We’ll stick to the Top 10 because really, we could be here all day, drooling.

FA's Top 10 Most Stylish Men 2010 

10. Ewan McGreggor
Cute doesn't begin to describe Ewan.  He's adorable, funny and actually quite stylish.  He's too underrated!  We hate that.
He tends to mix his very dressy suit jackets with jeans and tees.  We like how he uses the hanky pocket!  See what we mean?  Adorable.


9. Roger Federer
  He has a cool elegance to him both on the court and off.

8. Jason Bateman

He’s grown up on television and used to be rather nerdy. Not anymore. He’s so good looking and very talented which makes him even more desirable. He’s like good old fashioned American apple pie! We need a fork.

He sports the scruffy look better than just about any of our guys on this list. Plus, we love a guy that can accessorize.

7. Johnny Depp
We may not particularly like his style but he has one, an interesting one.  I'm sure he's told many a stylist to go fuck themselves.

His hotness oozes out of him

6.  Tom Ford
We want to be his friend.  He's just so bloody cool!  The best word to describe Ford?  FABULOUS.
He reminds us a lot of Halston; a charm and elegance that is difficult to explain.

How many people can look hot while giving us the finger?  Not many.

5. Anderson Cooper

Andy is hot. In a suit or one of those fitted T’s he sports in disaster, he’s just yummy. We hear he likes the boys but we don’t care.

We would like to be the filling in this sandwich:

4. Pharrell

We love Pharell Williams because it looks like he really thinks about each outfit he wears. He seems to pay very close attention to every detail and has a great love for fashion.

He’s impeccable. Every time.

3. Ryan Gosling
Ryan has this whole casual yet funky style to him.  He seems to know when to wear the suit and when to go casual.  He's quite the little 'mix-it-up' artist.  Wonder if he has a stylist....hmmmm.....

Love this look

Looking hot in a basic white tee. 
Very rock star

2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
This Heath Ledger look-a-like seems to be turning heads in Hollywood lately, coming off his highly acclaimed movie (500) Days of Summer.  Let's just hope Hollywood is reading this:  PLEASE MAKE A DECENT ROMCOM AND PLEASE HAVE IT STAR JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT
God, we love this look on him.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

He looks so much like Heath Ledger--especially in this photo

He looks like Heath here, too!  Freaky.
We're not happy about the fag hanging out of his mouth but everything else is fine by us!

1. Jude Law
Dripping with sex appeal and looks that could kill, Jude Law is phenomenal. He also knows how to put a look together—he never looks styled. That’s what we love about him the most. That and he can be unpredictable. That's why he's our #1 Most Stylish Man for 2010.

He has this James Dean thing about him

See what we mean about 'unpredictable'? Check out the shoes

It really should be illegal to look this good while running errands and blabbing on the phone

So, what do you think of our list?  Agree/Disagree??


  1. This is who Justin Townes Earle is:

  2. Your list was going so well until Jude Lame-O Friggin' Law!?! What a dripy girly sook-ass! Sure he's stylish - if you're into sleaze-bags. Sheesh. As far as stylish, like REALLY STYLISH men go, you can't go past Cusack. And that's all I've got to say about that!

  3. Although having said that - hahaha - like what Law's wearing whilst blabbing on handphone. And Cusack wears nothing but black which is boring & depressing so ammendment to above - Jake Gyllenhaal. Always casual-stylish and pretty damn cute. And that's all I've got to say about that - for now. *grin*

  4. Hmmm...John Cusack. Never though of that one. His style is very 'The Gap' which isn't necessarily bad. But what has he done for us lately?

    Jakey G almost made the list! Like I said, this conversation could go on forever.

    Jude is a sleaze. Yes. But it's not his fault. When you look like that, boobs are everywhere--all you gotta do is put your hand out. And he does...a lot.