Monday, January 18, 2010

The 2010 Golden Globes: Hits & Misses

The Golden Globes' red carpet was rather boring last night. Maybe because it was raining on Hollywood. Maybe because everyone was thinking how pointless awards shows are in the face of the current crisis in Haiti. Whatever the reasoning, we saw a lot of black last night and even though we love black, we wanted to see more colour.
We deserved some colour after some of the shit movies Hollywood gave us this year.

The biggest trend on the red carpet, other than black, was Ruffles. They were everywhere and some women got them right. Most got them wrong.

This Hits:
One of the best last night: Julia Roberts.
She wore a simple, short YSL dress but accompanied it with major glow. She looked stunning and so happy.

Maybe she’s knocked up again.

Emily Blunt: a great colour, great silhouette and the ruffles were just right.
Now, if she would just smile a bit more, perhaps the media would warm up to her. She always wears this bitchy expression on her face.
Designer: Dolce & Gabbana

Sandra Bullock in Bottega Veneta: the colour was glorious!
The best black dress: Lanvin worn by January Jones
The dress itself is cut beautifully and the ruffle around the neckline works.
Unfortunately, January wasn’t a perfect 10 last night because of that unfortunate headband choice. It wasn’t necessary and overpowered her overall look.

Another gorgeous Lanvin dress on Rose Byrne.
She looked very old Hollywood glam last night. The little hair clip was a nice touch with the soft waves in her hair. Very Veronice Lake.
When are celebs EVER going to realize that going old Hollywood is the best thing you can do when you’re clueless about fashion?

Pulling off the short dress on the red carpet is never easy but Ginnifer Goodwin did it last night.
Here she is in a cobalt blue Vionnet dress. STUNNING.

And so is her face. Her skin is like a baby’s bottom!

Carrey Mulligan in a navy blue Nina Ricci.
Love her! Major crush on Carrey these days. She looks gorgeous with her little pixie cut.

Sookie Stackhouse in Stella McCartney
Gold was another big trend last night and surprisingly, a lot of people got the look down right. Anna Paquin is one of them.

The other great Gold look: Toni Collette in Elie Saab.

She was also wearing some serious diamonds—yummy!
Fashion Autopsy wants to know if Toni would be our BFF. We love our Toni!!!

Cameron Diaz typically disappoints on the red carpet. However, she did it right last night in probably one of the hardest colours to pull off: RED!
The cut is very 1930’s glam.
Designer: Alexander McQueen

Awhile back, we posted the ‘dos & donts’ of the red dress. Cameron is a ‘Do’ because she chose a simple silhouette and didn’t show too much skin. Also, she chose very simple accessories which is key to wearing a red dress well.

Julianne get’s it right, every year. She’s fabulous.
Designer: Balenciaga
AND her face is the best accessory. She’s just ridiculously stunning. It’s not fair.

Surprise of the night: Christina Aguilera showered.
She looked lovely last night. The hair, the dress, the makeup—everything. As close to perfection as she will ever get, most likely.
Designer: Versace

The Misses:

It pains me to do this. I wanted her to be on the ‘hit list’ but Christina Hendricks looked like she was going to the prom last night. All the wrong ruffles in all the wrong places.
Her hair and makeup looked great, though. She’s gorgeous.
Designer responsible for this big, peach mess: Christian Siriano

Kristen Bell = zzzzzzzzzzzzz
She’s on her way to becoming the Jennifer Aniston of Hollywood: boring and predictable.
Designer: Jasmine Di Milo

Putting Mariah Carey on the ‘hit list’ was a long shot but I really did think she would step it up this year since she’s had great reviews of her performance in Precious.
Here she is, hanging out on the red carpet. Literally.
The sad part is, she was close. Move the neckline up and lose the Mystic Tan & greasy skin and she could almost pass as a ‘Hit’. Let’s stress almost.
Designer: Herve Leger by Max Azria

Heidi Klum: a gorgeous woman in a tragic dress. Makes her look old and frumpy and we all know, Heidi is anything but. The ruffles did her in. And the colour didn't help.
Designer: Roberto Cavalli

Halle Berry in some skimpy black dress by some designer I don’t even care to Google. Halle rarely get’s it right. She seems to lose herself when it comes to the red carpet. She dresses well on her own so I don’t understand what happens to her when she decides to buy a gown.
She has great tits, though.

Kate Hudson looked like a bride last night. She’s yet another gorgeous woman who has pretty good personal style but all hell breaks loose on the red carpet.
If she has a stylist, she should fire him/her immediately.
Designer: Marchesa

Jennifer Morrison in Louis Antonia.
Ruffles, ruffles and more ruffles. The colour is terrible on her, too. Just bad from head to toe.

Tea Leoni giving up on the red carpet, entirely.
What’s with the pearl lariat? Bleh. She can do better that.
I’m talking about her outfit and her husband.

Rita Wilson: a flowery mess

Finally, Chloe Sevigny. When she claimed her award last night, Twitter was a flutter with some VERY negative comments about her dress and her attitude. Maybe it was because the Gleeks wanted Jane Lynch to win so they took their frustrations out on poor Chloe?
Again, ruffles! Oy!
The dress is very flowing and the colour is soft and lovely. Chloe is kind of in the middle. She’s not exactly a ‘Miss’ per se but she’s definitely not a ‘Hit’ in this one.
Designer: Valentino

However, for the GG after party, she wore a very yummy black dress by Christian Lacroix.
Perhaps this one should have been her red carpet choice.
Do you forgive her for the ruffles yet? We do.

It was funny to see some of the red carpet headlines today. For instance, one website called their red carpet re-cap ‘Wet & Wild’. Yes, the red carpet was ‘wet’ but it was hardly ‘wild’.

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  1. Totally agree with your red carpet choices here Sheri! And yes, more color to make up for those shitty films. Chloe should've definitely gone with the black for the red carpet. Julia Roberts is just a cool cat. What a shame about January Jones' head band - hers was my fav of the night. Way classy. Sandra Bullock's dress color - LOVE. Cameron Diaz, very stylish in red - yes, tough color to pull off. But I am surprised you decided to leave out the clear miss of the night - Mo'Nique in that ugly gold thing and yes, I'm gonna drag that up again, those HAIRY LEGS!