Monday, January 11, 2010

The Classics

To say fashion trends come and go quickly, is like saying the Pope is a little Catholic.
It’s not easy to stay on trend but it is easy to keep things fresh each season, even if you’re not participating in the latest (and sometimes stupid) trends.
Keep those classic pieces.
And what is considered a ‘classic’ piece of clothing?
Something that looks good on you, no matter what the current trends are. Something that makes you feel like ‘you’ when you wear it. Something that makes you feel happy and confident. And more importantly, something that can mix well and support any trend that pops up.

The Classics:

1. The Little Black Dress: it’s pretty difficult to fuck up a black dress. Most of us look good in them,  provided the cut is right for our bodies. Don’t throw out your Little Black Dresses—you’ll always get use out of them as they are the best ‘go to’ dress when you’re in a bind.

The best way to update your LBD for 2010? Add a Statement Necklace

This one is from Lanvin but don't worry, there are many affordable alternatives out there like this one below from Forever 21:
Price: $25.00

2. Silk Scarves: if you’re one of the lucky gals that have Hermes scarves, don’t you EVER, EVER get rid of those little gems. (In my next blog, I’m going to demonstrate the many ways of wearing a scarf—you’ll be amazed at what you can do with them!)

3. The Trench Coat: this one won’t go out of style if you have one in a neutral colour. If you have one in herringbone or a floral print, you should hang on to those as well, if you’ve spent a lot on them. Those patterns/prints tend to pop back into fashion every couple of years.

The Burberry Trench, Spring 2010

4. Denim: a simple, bootcut or straight leg jean in a dark wash will never go out of style. Make sure the length is right for the type of shoe you’re wearing. I usually buy two pairs of jeans if I really like them so that I can wear them with my heels and my flats.

5. The Knee-length Skirt: never underestimate a well-made knee-length skirt. They will last you forever—especially if you have them in neutral colours. The pencil skirt is also becoming somewhat of a classic.

Badgley Mischka, Spring 2010

6. The Urban Shoe Myth: there’s a reason why Carrie went wild over the Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes: they are stylish & gorgeous and will work with just about anything in your closet.

I love the leopard ones. (Yes! Animal prints in small doses are always appropriate and classy)

7. The White Shirt: take care of your white shirts and they’ll last a lot longer. No matter what your age is, you can pull-off the white shirt. Pair it with jeans or your power suit and everything else in between and it adds freshness—immediately.
Spring 2010 update for the White Shirt a la Prada.  I love that they made the white shirt feel unpredictable.

8. The Wide-Leg Trouser: Again, in a neutral colour and a good quality fabric, you can have your wide leg trousers forever. Sometimes they disappear from trends but only for a short time. Guaranteed: at least every other season, you’ll be able to wear your wide leg trousers.

Spring 2010 update for the Wide Leg Trouser: White! 
 Celine RTW

9. The Little Black Suit: If you invest in a well-made suit that isn’t overly trendy, you will certainly be able to wear it forever and it will always look hot. Just make sure to take care of it. Black can fade so try to keep it as clean as possible so you don’t have to keep having it dry cleaned. Also, keep it covered in a garment bag to avoid the light, which can fade the fabric quickly.
Like the LBD, the LBS can be easily updated/trendy with the right accessories.

Uma Thurman in her simple yet elegant black suit at a recent movie screening. 

10. The Clutch: as far as handbags go, the clutch is very versatile and will always remain in style as it is the bag of choice for a big event. It’s also come into its own as a more casual bag—see below for a few different ways to wear it.

Carrie is a big fan of the clutch

Olivia Palermo with an Hermes 'Jige' clutch.  (This frigid bitch knows how to dress)

Bottega Veneta clutch on Kidman

Eva Mendes looking hot, even in a frumpy Moo Moo.

Her Madgesty and her spawn with their clutches by Marc Jacobs

Yes, I'll always find a way to fit Madonna into every, single post.  I'm that obsessed.  :-P

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