Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lacroix, Sweetie....Lacroix!

We're feeling all nostalgic today as the world of Couture has gone on but has left one of the greats in the dust.
Like Eddy & Patsy, we're crying into our glasses of wine or whatever we can get our hands on.  :(

This time last year, Christian Lacroix showed his very last Spring Couture line. 
We're all sad but let's look back at that Spring 2009 Couture show....maybe a trip down memory lane will help us forgive the fashion world.  Sigh.

Christian Lacroix
Spring 2009 Couture
Location: The Pompidou Centre, Paris

Most of these trends are just starting to get hot for Spring 2010. Couture is always the leader.

Bows, bows and more bows.....

Polka Dots......

Stripes/Nautical look...

He'll be missed.  However, in the time that we're living in, how much is Couture really needed?
Sure, it's wonderful to sit and watch the shows and critique each and every thread but designers don't get paid for that.  They get paid by selling their creations.
The big question in the Couture world is: Who's buying?

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