Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Taking The High Road Can Hurt

When it comes to heels, do you know how high you should go without causing permanent damage to your feet?  And your ego, if you can't walk in the bloody things.

(unfortunately for supermodels, they test the boundaries each time they walk down the runway)

According to podiatrists, the height that you can comfortably (and safely) wear is based on your subtalar joint, found in the middle of your foot.
The optimal position varies from person to person….so, do you want to find yours?

What you'll need:
  1. A friend
  2. Two rulers
Sit down, then raise and extend your foot while relaxing your ankle.
Have your friend place one ruler downward from your big toe, then have her use the second ruler to measure the distance between your heel and the first ruler.
This number equals the absolute maximum heel height you should be wearing. (again, that's should, not could)

According to my results, my 3-inch heels are bad for me.
My 4-inch heels? Well, they're killing me.
If you're brave enough to wear 5+ inch heel, your foot is currently begging you for mercy.

But we knew this already, right?

The Christian Louboutin 'Meree' 6-inch heel: Ouch! But ooh, la la! 

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