Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Frill Seekers

Does anything say, "Summertime!" like a short, airy skirt?
While doing some shopping both online and in store, I've noticed that most of the skirts I'm seeing are either short & printed or short & lace/chiffon in soft nudes.

But there's one thing that most of these cute skirts have in common this season: a big flouncy factor!


The Erdem Spring 2010 went floral-frill-crazy! 

I'm really loving that Top Shop eyelet skirt.....

How adorable were the models at the D&G show?  Love all the frills and denim together-a great fashion contradiction: hard meets soft in one outfit.
Pair your frilly skirt with a simple tee & cowboy boots a la D&G or dress it up with a tailored jacket for an evening out.

(if anyone needs me, I'll be busy putting sunlass tanner on these pasty legs)
Sher @ FA

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