Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Quiet Genius

I adore Dries Van Noten. He's like the deaf-mute of the fashion world. He refuses to advertise.
With designs like his, he doesn't need to as just about everything he creates is dreamy yet wearable.

As much as I love his women's design's, I think his true talent lies in men's fashion. I don't think any other designer can dress a man this's sublime.

Fall/Winter 2009Outerwear
Wouldn't you love to cuddle up to a man wearing this gorgeousness? Talk about a cold remedy!

There's something about his daywear for men that reminds me of a high school teacher I had a major crush on.
Who wouldn't crush on a man that would show up at your door wearing Dries Van Noten?
Preppy with an edge....of naughty! Yum!

The Suit
007 would kill for one of these suits.

Daniel Craig & Dries Van Noten? God, are you listening? This could be a match made in heaven...

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