Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Miss My Queen

Where is my Madge?  I'm sure she's busy with her new album but I wish she would come out and play sometimes. 
Here are some of the best Madonna images over her 25-year career--and I have been there for every second of it!
I'm tearing up!!!

See those black, rubber bracelets?  She started a fashion-craze in the mid-eighties.  Young girls everywhere were wearing rubber bracelets in all different colours. I remember trading all my coloured bracelets for black ones--because Madge wouldn't be caught dead in a coloured-rubber bracelet.

I tied that bloody black bow in my hair everyday for an entire year!  I didn't have the cool blazer she wore in Desperately Seeking Susan but I did have those Ray Bans.

The True Blue days.  She was anything but blue.  This is when she started shaping up-big time.  What a bod.  This is also the year that my favourite Madonna song of all-time was released: Open Your Heart.

Blonde Ambition.  An incredibly exciting time.  She was at the top of her game here...she still is but there will only be one Blonde Ambition. 

Hollywood was calling her again.  She looks absolutely gorgeous in this photo of her, channeling Eva Peron.

Ray of Light.  Her rebirth.  Motherhood may have softened her a bit but she still had her edge.  Ray of Light will always be her most critically acclaimed album.
Her daughter is her twin in this photo, non?

Music!  And she was pretty wrapped up with some cute British guy.  I loved her hair in that little Bob.  She looked so chic.

Confessions On A Dancefloor.  She just about blew my mind.  Didn't think it was possible to top that Blonde Ambition tour but Confessions came VERY close.  It was a very magical album and tour.  AND she was 48-years old!!!  She can't be human.
Her style?  Cool, 70's disco. 

Chewing on 'Hard Candy', Louis Vuitton ads, adopting kids, divorcing husbands, dating men half her age and getting a little 'Nip&Tuck' here and there??? These are just some of the things she's been up to over the last couple of years.

I love this outfit. Very Dr. Zhivago--with a Madonna twist, of course.

This is her new acquisition; Jesus

She looked a little 'pulled' at the VMA's this year.  Hmmm.....

Please hurry back, Madge!  I miss you, Pop Culture misses you & fashion certainly misses you most.

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