Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mock The Smock....Then Move On

I love it when fashion critics/journalists ask, "will this trend work for you?"
The answer is usually a resounding 'NO'!

To them, this trite question means that the trend in question is probably going to be a complete flop but as a fashion critic, it's their job to beat a trend to death. Gives them something to do.

Hell, it gives me something to do.

Take for instance the overalls trend for Spring/Summer 2010.

Ralph Lauren

Jean Paul Gaultier Charles Anastase

Look, I don't like this one any more than you do but it can work--if you're 6 ft tall, 110 lbs.
If you're one of the millions (the majority) of women that don't fit into this category, leave this trend on the catwalk (& pop stars) where it belongs.

Case closed.

You won't find any beaten horses on this blog.


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  1. LOVE this blog! Had no idea you'd started it. Thanks for letting me know. Am hoarder and fashion pleb who wishes could transform 10 yr-old items in wardrobe into something remotely cool. So glad you touched on trends that "work". Overalls, comfy, but you are so right. Unless you're 6ft tall and model skinny, it ain't gonna work. Thanks for telling it as it is with usual pinch of sharp humor. Will be sure to spread the word!