Monday, November 2, 2009

The 1990's: I Miss It

When I first saw Christian Lacroix couture, it came in the form of a sweater on a hot, young model named Micheala, circa 1988:

Once I saw this image (in Anna Wintour's very first Vogue issue), I became infatuated with that look and tried my best to copy it. It wasn't easy and the results were often quite appalling.
Micheala is the only one that could pull this look off. Sometimes, a style is impossible to copy--even if you have the exact same items to work with.

This image forced me to fall in love with fashion. That's the power of a well-styled photograph, people.

What else did the 90's have to offer?
The start of a phenomenon called 'The Supermodel'.

The early 90's is when we started to see 'The Waif'. Her name was Kate Moss.

Chanel in the 90's produced some of their best advertising, imho. I LOVED the ads that featured Claudia Schiffer--she was always my favourite Supermodel.

However, as much as the 90's were a time of innocence, grace and style, it was also the first (and last, Thank God) time we were witness to The Grunge Look. Thanks to Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis, young girls everywhere stopped washing their hair and started to borrow their boyfriends dirty plaid shirts.

We must all forgive Marc Jacobs, though. He's given us so much since The Grunge.

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