Monday, November 16, 2009

1976: Three Lovely Ladies Become Angels

I never really appreciated seventies fashion until my late twenties while studing fashion design in college. I was born in the seventies so I didn't know much about it.  However, I vividly remember watching my Mother get ready to go out: hair in big, feathered waves, maroon lipstick, tight, wool bell-bottoms with a puffy satin blouse.  That was the quintessential seventies outfit.

In 1976, a TV show called Charlie's Angel's premiered and launched the careers of three rather unknown actresses; Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett & Jaclyn Smith.

Watch the pilot intro HERE

What this show also did was brilliantly display the fashion of the mid to late seventies.

The return of the three-piece suit was a hot trend--and not just for men:

Although, John Travolta did a great job at creating a huge fashion craze when he sported his tight 3-piece suit in 1977 in a movie called Saturday Night Fever:

Another big trend in the seventies was the peasant style, brought to life by Yves Saint Laurent.
Floral-patterned prints, more unstructured styles and soft ruffles.

And those tan, t-strap shoes! The ones on the left that Kate Jackson is wearing in the 1st photo. I LOVE those shoes--I always have.  My Mother had a pair just like them but they were gold lame.  I used to call them her Disco shoes.  Honestly, the t-strap shoe will always be classic.
Just ask Christian Louboutin--he makes at least two designs every season.

But, I digress. That's the power of footwear.

Then, there were the bell-bottoms.  A trend that immediately comes to mind when someone mentions fashion of the 1970's:

Farrah's look in this image is an instant classic.  Even though the jeans are high-waisted, it works with her shape and the gold lame belt adds drama to the basic white shirt.  So all-American gorgeousness.

Someone in the mid-seventies was quite the Poster Child for cool, luxurious elegance: Roy Halston Frowick.
If you were a rich socialite or a famous movie star and had an event to go to in 1976,  Halston would be your designer of choice.

I'm not sure what the girls are wearing in this photograph but the dresses remind me of something Halston would design.  He loved white and wore it himself, often. 
How great is this photo?

The Halston Muse: Bianca Jagger

Elizabeth Taylor in Halston, circa 1976:

He was so cool.

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  1. I love this! Thank you for the great blog... I love seventies fashion, and Charlie's Angels :)