Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rockocracy: Amber Le Bon

What do you get when you combine a world famous Rock Star and a Supermodel?

Amber Le Bon

On the cover of Tatler magazine for March, Amber Le Bon is wearing a floral Dolce & Gabanna dress, sprawled on a couch with the caption ‘Girl on Film; Amber Le Bon is ready for her close-up'

She’s five-foot-10 and all legs so it’s only natural for her to follow in her Mom's (Yasmin Le Bon) footsteps.

She says she knows the Daisy Lowe’s and the Geldof girls (they went to Prep school together) of the Rockocracy but doesn’t hang out with them.
I guess when you look this good, you don’t have to run around getting drunk and stupid (and tattooed) in the East End of London.

Here’s Amber on the catwalk with Mom (Chanel Show A/W 1991 RTW) at the age of 2, in her very own Chanel onesie.
Amber: “I popped out of a handbag. But I don’t remember it!”

Take that, Suri Cruise!

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