Monday, March 8, 2010

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards: Post Mortem

Well, it’s come and gone and it’s left me wanting more fashion disasters to blog about. It seems like Hollywood is catching on and stepping up their game; there were not many disasters last night.

However, you can always count on Mariah Carey to fuck up a beautiful dress. More on that later.

I would like to first express how shocked I am that nobody wore Alexander McQueen.
These celebrities were the first to come out and release statements of how devastated they were about McQueen’s death. SJP was the most vociferous but decided to wear (badly) Chanel Couture.

Whatever. Just goes to show that it’s all press. Most actresses know nothing about fashion and wouldn’t know a McQueen gown from a Galliano gown from a gown from the local department store. They just want us to think that they do.

Worst Dressed: (Caution: Fashion massacres are ahead)

Only Mariah can make Valentino look like a Wal-Mart brand.  Her main problem?  She doesn't know what size she is.

Next up, Sarah Jessica Parker: a fashion icon, or so that’s what we’re being sold.

She looked like Ann Bancroft last night and not in a good way. Her dress and hair had this weird 60’s/Valley of the Dolls thing going on. Looks like she was trying to channel the runway but channelled Old Lady instead.

Gabourey wore Marchesa and just like I thought, it ended up being too much.

Those jewels taped to her bodice make her look even bigger. Too bad because the cut of the dress is perfect for her.

Vera, Vera, Vera. So gorgeous so this makes her dress choice even more tragic.

A lot of bloggers and the media seem to love what she was wearing last night. To each their own. I think she looked ridiculous—like she’s wearing fans. When you’re as gorgeous and tall as she is, simplicity with a twist is best. She should take lessons from Cate Blanchett and Julianne Moore.

Charlize Theron loves Christian Dior—she wears it often. Unfortunately, the dresses usually wear her.

The color and the cut of the dress is perfect for her. It’s those damn cupcakes on her chest that make it a fashion miss. Certain dresses are better left on the runway.

Nicole Ritchie in Reem Acra: a massacre from head to toe

Sorry Maggie G. I love you but this Dries Van Noten dress looks like one of those tacky beach towels you buy at all-inclusive vacations.

Best Dressed:

Sandra Bullock’s Marchesa gown first scared me on the Red Carpet but under the lights of the Kodak Theater, she looked lovely.

It looked even better when she accepted her Oscar. The lighting from the stage made her glow.  However, will we still like this years from now?  This dress is going to haunt her for the rest of her life.
Glad she did the strong lip—that dress needed that lipstick.
Out of all the nominees, she came closest to what I wanted her to wear.

Carey Mulligan surprised me a bit last night with her choice. Didn’t expect so much black from her but that doesn’t matter, she still looked beautiful in her Prada gown.

Her footwear choice was a disaster, though. Way too heavy for the already heavy gown.

I thought Oprah looked the best she’s looked in a long time in this Carolina Herrara gown.

Perfect color, perfect fit. Beautiful.

Elizabeth Banks in Versace .

That’s all I can say about her as she’s incredibly boring. Good dress choice, though.

Demi Moore also chose Versace. Gorgeous.

Not sure why everyone was hating on Diane Kruger’s Chanel dress. I thought it looked lovely on her.

Sure, there’s a lot going on here but it’s ok because of the color. The nude tone makes it soft. I thought she looked unique and very French. I like unique and very French.

Anna Kendrick and Rachel McAdams chose the flowing gowns of Elie Saab (always goes from the runway to the Red Carpet, effortlessly)

I wish Anna would have chosen a brighter color. Also, she mentioned in a Red Carpet interview that this gown was her second choice because her first choice gown wasn’t ready on time. Makes us wonder what could have been! Also, Elie Saab should never let her wear her designs ever again for that comment. Red Carpet Newbies!
Rachel looked stunning. Nothing more can be said. Just look at that dress.

I think Cameron Diaz is one of my favorite’s from last night. 

You really can’t go wrong with Oscar de la Renta—ever. Why don’t more celebs know this yet?

J Lo in Armani Prive was lovely—just a little over-done. The dress is kind of wearing her.

Queen Latifah was another one of my fave’s last night. The cut, the color the accessories = Red Carpet Perfection

She wore Badgley Mischka.  Like Oscar de la Renta, you really can’t go wrong with BM.

Kristen Stewart in Monique Lhuillier—a midnight blue color. Gorgeous dress.

Would be even more gorgeous of Kristen didn’t slouch and look so unimpressed all night.
Her appeal is lost on me.

Mariska Hargitay also chose a dark tone last night.

She wore black (or it could be a charcoal) Vera Wang—the dress lays beautifully. 

Julianne Moore in Calvin Klein.

Don’t get me started. I can talk about her all day. (Note that hint of green again! She loves green)

Julianne’s partner in crime these days; Tom Ford.

I want to be his friend. Why is he so cool? Ugh.

Kathryn Bigelow in YSL. She’s a beautiful woman. Most pictures of her on the net are of her working so it’s nice to see her all glammed-up! And she kicked serious ass last night which makes her even hotter, non?

Jeff Bridges wife, Susan Geston looked stunning in black Monique Lhuillier last night.

I love the contrast of the blue jewelry. She knew exactly (or her stylist knew) what she was doing with that jewelry. I love it when people think about their accessories. They really are important and can make or break an outfit.

Zoe Saldana chose Givenchy Couture and cyberspace went mad when they first saw her. My Twitter page was filled with negativity towards the dress. Not sure why.  During fashion week when Givenchy showed, everyone was loving the collection.

I think she wore the dress well—its not an easy dress to pull off. I think the lavender color and those jewels on the bodice were perfect with Zoe’s skin tone. I thought she looked beautiful and I don’t care what anyone says; that Givenchy dress is magnificent.

All in all, the show was boring last night. It’s weird having two hosts and the dance sequences underwhelmed as did the costumes.
The good news is, there's always next year to either improve the show or make it worse.



-Sher @ FA


  1. I disagree about the hosts - loved Steve & Alec and eagerly await some "genius" to sign them on for remake of The Odd Couple. (though i hate remakes)

    I love how much effort you put into these and the dress on runway next to dress on red carpet - awesome!

    Had no idea people were hating Diane Kruger's dress. That was my fav of the night. I liked the Givenchy on Zoe as well - a hard one to pull off. HAHA - "can always count on Marian Carey to fuck up a beautiful dress". Couldn't have put it more eloquently myself. Vera's dress, hm... You know when you go to a fancy restaurant and get bored and start folding the serviette into tiny slivers? Uh-huh. SJP - totally agree. In fact, I agree with ALL your couture choices - yes, i know, the agreeable pimp thing... Classic case in the instances you stated of the dress wearing them - Charlize being prime example. And yeah, why the hell wasn't anyone wearing McQueen?

    Smashing effort as usual Sheri. BIG CHEERS to you! And go Bigelow in all her hotness!

  2. To be honest, I'm not a Steve Martin fan but put him with Alec and suddenly he isn't as funny as Cancer.
    I really have a thing for Billy Crystal and want him to come back. :( Desperately.

    I'm glad you liked Diane Kruger's & Zoe Saldana's dresses--that means you have good taste which is more than I can say for a lot of people in cynerspace.

    P.S. I think I may love Kathryn Bigelow as much as Toni Collette, if that's at all possible.

  3. I love your comments regarding how the actors were dressed ! Have read all of them ! I love the Awards Ceremony and even made bets on some actors :P on site :) thank you for sharing :D