Friday, October 16, 2009

The Professional

Let's dissect Natalie Portman's style, shall we?

She didn't always know how to dress. In fact, in this photo (dated 1994), she looks like Leonardo DiCaprio. Poor thing. She was new to Hollywood--it wasn't her fault.

As she became more well-known, her style moved to more 'Girl Next Door' which we all know is a nice word for 'mediocre'. And Natalie is far from mediocre. Thank God this phase didn't last long--she deserves better! She's deserves Couture!
Then, in 2005, something changed. She was filming V for Vendetta (which by the way is an incredible film) and decided to go all the way for her character: she shaved her head. And the result was magnificent!
You see, when you have a face like this, anything is possible. You can pull-off just about any look. She's stunning.
As her hair grew out, it only made her more stunning. Here she is, all-out casual at a New York Knicks game in 2006:
Currently, this gorgeous creature is only getting better with age. Honing her style as she breezes through Hollywood, making us all jealous in the process.
Here she is at the Cannes Film Festival (2008) wearing Givenchy Haute Couture:
This dress is perfect for her: fresh and lite but also very sophisticated. She looks less like a little girl playing dress-up and more like a lady.

Here she is in Rodarte for the Venice Film Festival that same year. I LOVED her in this dress even though Rodarte is not one of my favourites.
Here's that same dress on the runway--it looks totally different on the model:
What do you think? Nat wears it better?

Of course she does!

Here she is in a GORGEOUS Lanvin dress at the Toronto International Film Festival this past September:

Dare I be cheesy and say she's 'Prett In Pink!'
I can't wait to see her at the Oscars this year--hope she attends! Love watching her work the red carpet. She's total, utter gorgeousness!

AND, I would like to point out that even her feet are gorgeous:


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