Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Fashion Superhero: Alexander McQueen

What more can be said about Alexander McQueen? He’s creative, artistic and can cause a fashion revolution each time he shows his work.
His Spring 2010 RTW collection brings a new meaning to the word ‘inventive’.

Shall we start with the shoes? Yes, let's!

Bottoms Up!

If you want to see the models walk in these things, follow the link below to the complete show:

It really was quite impressive to watch these skinny-ass models wobble around on these stilts. Serves them right. I'm glad McQueen punishes them for his art. 'You better WORK, bitches!' is what I hope Lee says before his shows.
The third pair are my favourites. Look at all the details on the shoe. You know full well that a lot people poured their blood, sweat & tears into those shoes. Details like that don't happen with machinery--it's all hand-work, baby.

And the clothing? Well, spectacular. I loved the sea-reptile prints. Surreal.

The blue tones are my favourites....

Look at the details. He pays attention to everything which invokes a feeling of pure fashion joy when I see his designs.

He's totall embraced technology--his prints are computer-generated.

The thing about McQueen is, you never really feel like you're just watching a fashion show. It's more like a fashion production.

I love this guy. If I ever meet him, his people will probably have to take out a restraining order against me--I'll fucking lose it!

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