Thursday, January 13, 2011

The High Rise

It’s baaack….

The high-waisted jean trend is the kind of trend we would like to see very little of.

Especially if people start walking around in shorts like these this summer:

 And check out the name:
Is Shop Bop trying to be ironic? 
These shorts should be named ‘The How to Lose Friends and Alienate People Shorts’ or better yet, ‘Floral Camel Toe Shorts’. That’s literal enough if the picture isn't doing a good job of explaining it.

The high-waist thing typically looks fun and rather cute from the front, especially if you opt for a sailor-type pant or short.

from Net-A-Porter

However, the view from behind is an entirely different story.....


I think designer's may have forgotten why the low-rise jean became so popular: it basically cuts your arse in half!
But if you're the type of gal who wants to always try the latest trends no matter how suicidal, than go for it.  Just don't expect many compliments.  Or dates.

These ones from Current/Elliot are ok.  Not great but not totally hideous:

from Net-A-Porter

Maybe we’re being too discriminatory against the High Risers. Maybe we’ve got it all wrong.
So, if you find some flattering styles and would like to prove us wrong, we’re not against eating crow.

Sher @ FA

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