Thursday, January 6, 2011


Just when we thought it was safe to check out the red carpet images of the Peoples Choice Awards, this happened:

Alyson Michalka

Claim to Fame:  
Some former Disney star who, most likely, will turn into a raging slut in about 15 minutes

No one will take responsibility

Now, we looked all over the web to find out who designed this thing and all we could come up with was a shout-out to poor old Jimmy Choo.  Those lace-up, pole-dancing things she's wearing on her feet are the work of Choo.  Ouch, Tamara Mellon, ouch.
So, we're thinking whoever or whatever it was that made this frock, is hiding deep underground somewhere, wildly sewing its next monstrosity for New Hollywood. 
Wake us when it's over!!!

However, as bad as this dress is, there are worse things out there like bloggers who think she looks 'appropriate' but also 'classy and trashy', wtf?

“Alyson wore a funky chic black and white lace lined piece that managed to combine the seemingly polar opposite forms of classy and trashy. The result was a real sexy yet appropriate look for a respected and tabloid free performer.
You can’t forget the staple super high wrap heels!”

Actually, yes you can...and should.

It's alarming that this review came from a popular celebrity style blog.  We won't name names (or pick on the grammar) because we're nice but quite frankly, we're terrified.

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  1. The shoes are just awesome!!! I like their colors and styles. Heels actually exercises your calves while you walk!!