Monday, August 2, 2010

Paloma Faith: The Unexplained

Fashion Autopsy Hearts Paloma Faith not only because her music is fantastic but her style defies explanation--and validation.

Here she is, making an appearance at BBC radio, Friday, July 30th...wearing a Hershey's Kiss on her head!

Why does this work on her?  We don't know....this is just one of the many mysteries of Style. 

When you go it, you got it.

Trying to dissect her style would be almost as difficult as trying to dissect Lady Gaga's fondness for defacing Hermes Birken bags.

Sometimes, style doesn't have to answer tough questions.  Sometimes, it just is.

For more info on Paloma, visit her website:

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  1. She has such a beautiful face. Did you see pics of her at Glasto?! Ridic.

  2. I know! She's totally gorgeous and WAAAAY to underrated for our liking!!!