Monday, August 23, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Helmut Newton

I fell in love with Helmut Newton in the early 90's, after stealing a PHOTO magazine (France) from my dentist's office.
On the cover that month: Nadja Auermann, photographed by none other than Helmut Newton.

Since that serendipitous day, I've collected ALL of his wonderful books and any biography I could get my hands on.  

To this day, no other photographer has come close to making me feel the way I do when I see a Newton B&W photo.

He was a master who, to this day, is constantly being copied.

He had a 'thing' for strong women

His wife, June shot a bunch of footage during his busy days in fashion in the early 90's--the dawn of the Supermodel & the House of Versace:

"The shrinking violet woman gives me the creeps"  ~ Helmut Newton

Sher @ FA

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