Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jason Stackhouse Does LAX

If you don't know who this is, you're not watching enough television.  Or sadly, you're not watching True Blood.

Looking quite monochromatic, Ryan Kwanten who plays the delicious Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, arrives at LAX yesterday.

The thing about mens style is; it's difficult to detect if he's really thought about his outfit or just threw something on for a flight.  And which of the two is sexier? 

In this case, when you look this good, does it really matter?

The answer is: yes!

Imagine for a moment he showed up to LAX in a Christian Audigier hoody, baseball cap and Dockers. 
If this were the case, he certainly wouldn't be featured on this blog unless he was chosen for the 'DOA'.

We'll leave you with some classic Jason:

True Blood returns for it's 4th season this summer so...Tune in!

All photos: zimbio.com

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