Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The name is Agnès Boulard…but that’s Mademoiselle Agnès to you

If there’s one fashionista I dream of coming into contact with, it’s Mademoiselle Agnès.
Each time I go to Paris, I comb the streets looking for her. Hoping and praying that one day, the fashion Gods will be kind enough to allow me to cross her path.

Agnès Boulard is a French producer, actress, writer (for Vogue Paris from 2001-2005) and she’s chic & cheeky.
She famously showed up for a Lanvin show, dressed as Anna Wintour.

Are you in love with her yet?

Her style is admirable because it’s so eclectic and unique but still has this French touch to it.

Style Papers spread, May 2010 edition

She’s just all kinds of French Deliciousness....

Sher @ FA


Unmarked photos: NYT blog, Grazia.Fr, Zimbio

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  1. Mademoiselle Agnes is sublime! I too would adore to meet her, such a delicious sense of wicked style!