Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Halston Was Never Going To Be Easy

Creating the charm and elegance that was Halston was never going to be easy. 
Over the last few years, designers have come and gone, making the Halston legacy even more mysterious and unattainable.
So, here we go again.  It's NYFW and Halston Fall 2010 made it's debut last night to 'so-so' reviews.
We fashionistas certainly are opinionated!

FA happened to really like the line.  Sure, most pieces are only good for the Red Carpet but what's wrong with that? 
Oh, that's right.  We forgot; designer's have to make money.
Aw, shucks!

Some of the lovely (and colorful!) pieces from the Feb 15 show:

We think Julianne Moore should buy this outfit.  Would look incredible on her!  Ha! What wouldn't?

YUMMY Reds....

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